10 Jun

Hashpower transfer for CryptoNight Users

My contract (1000 h/s) started in december, now it's almost May and I still haven't received a single payout. Mining started with 0.007 XMR per day, now it's not even 0.0008 XMR per day. There are also massive gaps of missing payouts (2 months total). Response from customer service:

"Monero had a hard fork on April 6th, 2018 and how it affects Monero contracts was explained in the Newsletter that we have sent to our customers that purchased Monero hashrate before the fork happened.

At the moment, due to the difficulty rising, the best and most efficient option for Monero contracts is to enable the direct mining of ETN coins.

Since Genesis Mining is always working hard to stay on top of all the trends and changes on the cryptocurrency market in order to preserve the most efficient and optimal mining performance of the contracts that are available in our offer, we have switched to direct ETN mining.

All of our customers that had purchased the Monero hashrate are now mining ETN directly and XMR became an AUTO option on their accounts. In other words, for example, if your allocation is 100% XMR, you are now mining ETN, which is being converted to XMR before the payout. This is also the case with all other coins you can allocate to that are marked with AUTO.

Your Monero mining progress actually depends on the difficulty of Electroneum, on the ETN value (for auto traded coins) and luck (how mine blocks we find per day).

For rough mining estimates, you can check a website such as:
https://minethecoin.com/coin/electroneum/profit-calculate This website is an independent source and it's not related to Genesis Mining in any manner.

Just keep in mind that returns are not guaranteed or may not even be accurate. And any calculation is the result at one moment in time. In any case, this is a tricky thing. We cannot predict the future so tomorrow (or on hour later even) the math can be entirely different.

ETN minimum amount for transfer to the wallet is 100. You can check your ETN transactions to the wallet via ETN blockchains: https://blockexplorer.electroneum.com/ "

Genesis mining is a total fraud, new customers: stay away!

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